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Kylie's Story

My journey began early in life after I was diagnosed with celiac disease and over a dozen food allergies, which left me wishing for simple pleasures in life, like lighting a candle or indulging in fun bath products, even finding a good lotion was a challenge.

I spent years searching for non-toxic products that were effective and affordable and was underwhelmed by the options. Determined to make change, I started working with local beekeepers to create clean candles that actually smelled good, but didn’t cause headaches or hives. Once we mastered candles, I set off to create other products that I couldn’t buy in stores, starting with lotion bars and real beeswax chapstick. 


As I began sharing these products at local craft fairs and events, it became evident that I wasn’t alone in my struggles. There was a high demand for clean, toxin-free products, without the hefty markup margins.

Now, The Coco Bee is about more than just candles, we’re on a mission to be the whole home solution for families. We strive to provide clean comfort, luxury, and peace through the unique products that we offer. We have grown to make a big impact, from aiding moms fighting cradle cap, to providing relief for those battling dry, itchy skin due to chemotherapy. We now offer a complete skincare line tailored to sensitive skin, free from preservatives and fillers, suitable for preteen years through the golden years.

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Kylie's Favorites

Here are some of my favorite product creations. You will love these, too!


Body Butter

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Lip Butter

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